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Here at Blissed, we want to change the way people think about cannabis. And we want to have fun while we’re at it! There are so many stereotypes about cannabis that permeate our culture that the truth is often hard to spot, making it difficult for everyday people to incorporate the benefits of cannabis into their lives.

Blissed was created as a way to entertain while guiding people—into a rewarding and beneficial cannabis experience. We’ve set out to be the place that delivers fun, high-quality, chef-inspired cannabis-infused recipes, backed by research, facts, and our team’s deep knowledge and experience.

Blissed is also about finding your perfect bliss—the right dosage that enables you to fully enjoy all that cannabis has to offer. Our accurate and science-based personal dosage calculator will help you gauge the amount of cannabis that’s ideal for your body type, and our recipes, advice, ideas, and more will ensure you get the very most out of your cannabis experience.

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Ignorance is not bliss. In fact, false information and stereotypes about cannabis abound, labelling users anything from stoners to potheads to lazy people who can’t get anything done. Yet the very opposite is true! Cannabis users are everyday people who work, have families, study, contribute to society, and want a safe and relaxing way to enjoy some downtime and unwind.

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Worried about getting the right dosage?

Like any ingestible that creates an effect, the key to enjoying the full benefit of cannabis lies in finding just the right personal dose. As cannabis enters mainstream culture and more and more people are discovering its many advantages, there’s been a surge in solid research into the effects of cannabis use. And the results are extremely encouraging.

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