Our Dosage Expertise

Just the right dose

Like any ingestible that creates an effect, the key to enjoying the full benefit of cannabis lies in finding just the right personal dose. As cannabis enters mainstream culture and more and more people are discovering its many advantages, there’s been a surge in solid research into the effects of cannabis use. And the results are extremely encouraging.

What’s our personal dosage calculator based on? First of all, it’s based on YOU: Your physical details, goals for cannabis use, expectations, past experience, and more. We’ve taken our expertise and gathered research to create a unique dosage calculator that reflects what you’re looking for as accurately as possible.

Secondly, our dosage expertise stems from fact-based, scientifically proven research. We are constantly upgrading our knowledge about cannabis and its benefits and effects, fine-tuning our expertise as we go along to ensure everything we present to you is accurate, true, and up to date.

An article in Business Insider recently reported that “knowing how much (cannabis) is too much can be hard” and noted just “how easy it is to overshoot the target.” The “Goldilocks” zone that we aim for here at Blissed is designed to take away the often rocky trial-and-error period so you can find your bliss-out dose from the get-go.