Our Method

Bliss is backed by facts.

Ignorance is not bliss. In fact, false information and stereotypes about cannabis abound, labelling users anything from stoners to potheads to lazy people who can’t get anything done. Yet the very opposite is true! Cannabis users are everyday people who work, have families, study, contribute to society, and want a safe and relaxing way to enjoy some downtime and unwind.

That’s why Blissed wanted to fill the knowledge gap about cannabis and refute the misconceptions that keep people away from the proven benefits of cannabis. Our method is rooted in scientific studies, research and our profound collective experience.

Every recipe we present is chef-inspired and tested for accuracy and effect. Our personal dosage calculator was created using science-backed methods that determine your ideal dosage based on your personal information. Plus the advice, articles, guidelines and more that we put together are all rooted in research studies, so you always know that you can trust the information you find here on Blissed.