Cannabis And Your Period


Periods are no joke. We bloat, we get cramps, headaches, we’re exhausted, the list goes on. But did you know cannabis can play a part in relieving some of these symptoms? Game changer!

For menstrual pains:

Before the start of menstruation, a lot of women suffer from breast pain and hypersensitivity caused by an increase in progesterone production, causing inflammation of milk ducts. The anti-inflammatory properties in cannabis can help in reducing some of this discomfort.

Don’t get us started on the cramps. When your period approaches, your uterus starts to contract — but not only does cannabis help with inflammation, it has antispasmodic effects to help combat the cramps, potential nausea and other symptoms associated with the digestive system.

New CBD products for periods are coming out all the time, so be on the look out during your time of the month!