Safety & Storage of Cannabis

The rule of thumb for storing cannabis is to keep it cool, dark and sealed. Cannabis-infused products degrade when exposed to heat, light or oxygen, and edibles usually have a short shelf life. Plus, if there are children in your house, it’s important to keep cannabis stored securely to ensure it’s out of reach. To help your cannabis stay fresh and to keep it safe, here are a few tips.

Put it in the fridge

The easiest way to store any cannabis infusion is in the fridge, where the temperature is cool and consistent and there’s no light except for moments when the fridge door is open. But not all cannabis should go in the fridge: storing cannabis flower in the fridge will actually degrade cannabinoids. For buds, it’s best to store them in a cool, dry and sealable container.

Seal it up

Many cannabis lifestyle stores now sell stylish wooden boxes and various types of pouches and bags for storing cannabis. These items look good and can often double as décor in your home; plus, they trap smell and some can be locked. Rip-proof, lockable bags can also be found at many dispensaries and these work best for storing bud.

Keep it away from kids

Minors can mistakenly ingest cannabis and edibles, especially ones that look like desserts and candy. It’s important that adults living with children find a way to securely store their cannabis so that it’s out of sight and out of reach. One way is to buy a lockable stashbox or pouch and place it in a cupboard the kids can’t reach. Be diligent about putting everything away after each and every use. As your kids get older, talk to them about how cannabis is used as medicine and why it’s important for an adult to administer the medicine at all times.